About Us

We like to think of ourselves at Emanuel as having Old Country Charm with Fresh New Beginnings. We hope you find this true.

Because we are a small rural church many come because their roots are here and have been a part of the fellowship for generations. Some come because it is smaller. Tired of getting lost in larger, mega church settings they've opted for more relaxed, quaint surroundings where they can get to know the other people of the church and become more like family.

As a Smaller Fellowship...

We understand that we are not able to provide a large selection of programs for every person and need in the church. We accept that. After all, the first 300 years of the New Testament church met only in homes. They couldn't do it all either, but yet they thrived.

If you have no church home of your own come and join us. We hope you feel at home with us. May you sense His presence and be blessed.

Pastor Dan Bartkowiak
and the Emanuel Family

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